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Allen Lawrence, M.D., M.A., Ph.D.

dr.lawrenceDr. Allen Lawrence, M.D., M.A., Ph.D. is a graduate of UC Irvine Medical Schools. He performed his internship at USC Los Angeles County Hospital and spent 2 years in the US Air Force as a Medical Officer. He performed his Residency at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California focusing in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Allen Lawrence, M.D., M.A., Ph.D. has also attained his Masters in Human Nutrition and a Ph.D. in Psychology from the Pacific Institute for Advanced Studies in Los Angeles, California.

Allen Lawrence, M.D., M.A., Ph.D. currently practices Wellness, Prevention, and Functional-Integrative Medicine. Allen Lawrence, M.D., M.A., Ph.D. has co-authored and published 22 books including, “When Your Body Talks, Listen!”, which is a book designed to help people better understand how stress creates both acute and chronic illnesses. Allen Lawrence, M.D., M.A., Ph.D. has written more than 100 articles and developed many patient education programs discussing or introducing natural treatments, methods of prevention, and information on how to attain wellness. Many of his articles, books, and educational programs deal with stress and stress-related illnesses as well as healing.

Early in practice Allen Lawrence, M.D., M.A., Ph.D. recognized that there are two types of medicine practiced in the US. Interventive (Allopathic) where you first get sick and we will try to fix you and Medicine and Preventive Medicine. Currently, most Western Medical practitioners operate from the global belief that patients must first get sick and then, once sick, their symptoms are treated with either medications, surgery or one of the other forms of interventive therapies. This means, however, that their illness was not prevented but allowed to occur first and then treated only after they were allowed to become ill. Allen Lawrence, M.D., M.A., Ph.D. has long believed in Preventive Medicine which works to prevent illness before it can create problem hence making it unnecessary to the individual to become ill, suffer or take risk of the many complications often associated with becoming ill.

Allen Lawrence, M.D., M.A., Ph.D. left a surgical practice to voluntarily become a non-surgical practitioner. He believes in natural treatments, integrative medicine, and teaches lifestyle modification and mind-body-spirit treatments to prevent illness and to improve overall health and well-being.