Verju Laser Body Sculpting + Metamorphosis Weight Loss Program

December 6, 2018

The Verju Laser Body Sculpting System can help safely, rapidly and easily lose inches from around the waist. Reducing body fat and cellulite from the abdomen as well as the buttocks and thighs is now possible.

The Verju Body Sculpting System is perfect for quickly losing inches for special events and for long term results. Achieve the look you have always wanted using this newest laser available!

Conejo Valley Advanced Wellness now offers a combined Verju Laser Body Sculpting Program AND our Metamorphosis Weight Loss Program to assist you in creating the body you have always wanted. This powerful combination will ensure the weight is gone for the rest of your life. This is a unique Weight Loss Body Sculpting and Healthy Dietary Program for those who have:

  • T Yo-Yo Dieting for years.
  • T 25 or more pounds of unsightly and unnecessary weight to lose, are junk food or sugar addicted and can’t maintain a stable weight.
  • T Eaten poorly, are obese and wants to lose weight and learn how to eat a healthy diet.
  • T The desire to prevent Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease and/or Stroke or other nutritionally caused health problems.
  • T Joint pain, back pain or who have medical issues due to their weight or size.


Plan For Permanent Success!

Conejo Valley Advanced Wellness Verju Laser Body Sculpting + Metamorphosis Weight Loss and Healthy Diet Program is the right plan to lose weight, reshape your body, improve your health and total well-being. Combining these programs is the right plan to begin the process of Prevention, Wellness, Healing, Longevity and Quality of Life.

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